AsianPLoP 2015: 4th Asian Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs
March 5-7, 2015, Tokyo, Japan

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AsianPLoP is a PLoP ® Conference sanctioned by the Hillside Group.
PLoP is a registered trademark of The Hillside Group.

Results and Retrospective

AsianPLoP 2015 was successfully over! Thanks to all supporters, staffs, shepherds, PC members, authors and participants, it was successfully over! Hope to see you soon at other PLoPs, community gathering, and/or next AsianPLoP on probably next Feb 2016.

  • Sponsors: IPSJ/SIGSE Patterns WG and Waseda U. Global Software Engineering Laboratory
  • Shepherding process: Jan-Feb 2015
  • 15 submissions, 13 accepted for Writers’ Workshop and 1 for Writing Group
  • 2 keynotes, 2 focused workshops, short excursion, and games!
  • 35 participants from Japan, USA, Taiwan, Italy, Finland etc.
  • End of June would be the deadline for inclusion in ACM DL. (TBD)
  • Papers discussed at Writers Workshop/Writing Groups qualify for submission to the journal "TPLoP - Transactions on Pattern Languages of Programming"

The followings are results of retrospective of the conference.

Conference Program

Now all accepted papers and program details are available in below. Papers will be workshopped in the traditional PLoP Writers' Workshop format. Writers' Workshop is NOT about paper presentation, BUT about giving feedback! So please prepare by reading and commenting on each paper enabling you to fully participate in the workshop discussion.

  • Check which Writers' Workshop group your paper is in, or you want to join
  • Read and comment on all the papers of that group as you'll stay with it throughout the whole conference

In addition to the Writers' Workshop, we will have two keynotes, games, focused workshops and excursion!

There are a few important things that you need to know in order to prepare:

  • There is a gift culture attached to PLoP activities. Authors are sharing their knowledge and giving feedback most certainly is a gift. There is a custom that began with PLoP'97 to bring gifts as small tokens of friendship. PLoP attendees should bring about 20 small gifts that represent themselves, their work, or their companies. Suggested gifts range from hats to T-shirts, from toys to trinkets, from pens to pencils, from abaci to zirconium.
  • There is no dress code at PLoP. You can wear a suit and a tie, but be prepared to feel a little overdressed.
March 5th Tur.
17:00-19:00 "Shepherding Workshop" (資料 日本語訳)
Joseph (Joe) Yoder and Rebecca Wirfs-Brock

Outline: Overview of Shepherding (What, Who, Why), Roles and Responsibilities, Mechanics of Shepherding (Process - How), Giving and Receiving Advice, Good Writing, Other Shepherding Issues, Conflict Resolution, Shadowing, etc., and, Community and Wrap Up.

At the end of this workshop you will know and understand Shepherding, How to give and receive the gift of shepherding, and What an author can ask of and expect of their shepherd. Also you will be able to give and receive good feedback.

Joseph Yoder, Founder and Senior Architect, The Refactory, Inc., Hillside Board President, and ACM Member, is a pattern enthusiast and an author of the well-known Big Ball of Mud. He programs adaptive software, runs a development company, and consults top companies on software needs. He is an amateur photographer, motorcycle enthusiast, and enjoys dancing samba.

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, is author of two object design books and inventor of Responsibility-Driven Design. She cares deeply about sustainable software development, design and architecture. She is Hillside Board treasurer, President of Agile Open Northwest, and Directs the Agile Alliance's Agile Experiences Program.

19:00-20:30Welcome Reception
March 6th Fri.
9:00-9:45Opening - Introduction, Workshop Demo, Games, Retrospective preparation
9:45-10:45Keynote 1 "JAPANESE SUPIRITUARUTY AND PATTERN LANGUAGE (日本的霊性とパタンランゲージ)"
Hiroshi Nakano
11:00-12:00Writer's Workshop 1
13:00-15:00Writer's Workshop 2
15:30-17:30Writer's Workshop 3
March 7th Sat.
8:30-11:00Short Excursion for Finding Lively Things (or Reading Time)
11:00-12:00Keynote 2 "A Challenge to the (Japanese) Pattern Community"
James O. Coplien
13:30-15:30Writer's Workshop 4 and Writing Group
15:45-17:15"Processes for Making Lively Things"
Joseph (Joe) Yoder and Rebecca Wirfs-Brock

"Processes play a more fundamental role in determining the life or death of the building than does the 'design'." - Christopher Alexander

Alexander is best known for his work on pattern languages which influenced the classic, Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software, by Eric Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, and John Vlissides, as well as the patterns community and its hundreds of patterns books and a half a dozen or so yearly conferences (PLoPs).

Alexander's main interest lies in understanding the nature of beauty and its objective reality. This project held his attention for over 30 years and culminated in the publication of his four-book essay, The Nature of Order where he defines the properties and processes for making living things.

Nature of Order focuses on centers, life, and wholeness, and a fundamental process, that incorporates structure-preserving transformations. He states, "In a good process ... each person working ... is-and-feels responsible for everything."

An essential characteristic of this process involves structure preserving transformations which move the structure forward through time ... and are primarily responsible for the success of the generating process.

This workshop will explain the evolutionary generative processes described by Alexander and then allow us time to examine our current processes we have for making lively things. This workshop - not the workshop itself but the ideas in it - will leave you confused, profoundly smarter, reeling, in despair, and suffused by joy about what is possible.

17:15-18:00Closing - Review of Writer's Workshops, Retrospective, Games
18:00-Social Gathering! (Dinner, Karaoke, Table Tennis ...)

Group E

Group J