AsianPLoP 2015: 4th Asian Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs
March 5-7, 2015, Tokyo, Japan

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AsianPLoP is a PLoP ® Conference sanctioned by the Hillside Group.
PLoP is a registered trademark of The Hillside Group.

Conference Program

Papers will be workshopped in the traditional PLoP Writers' Workshop format. Writers' Workshop is NOT about paper presentation, BUT about giving feedback! So please prepare by reading and commenting on each paper enabling you to fully participate in the workshop discussion.

  • Check which Writers' Workshop group your paper is in, or you want to join
  • Read and comment on all the papers of that group as you'll stay with it throughout the whole conference

There are a few important things that you need to know in order to prepare:

  • There is a gift culture attached to PLoP activities. Authors are sharing their knowledge and giving feedback most certainly is a gift. There is a custom that began with PLoP'97 to bring gifts as small tokens of friendship. PLoP attendees should bring about 20 small gifts that represent themselves, their work, or their companies. Suggested gifts range from hats to T-shirts, from toys to trinkets, from pens to pencils, from abaci to zirconium.
  • There is no dress code at PLoP. You can wear a suit and a tie, but be prepared to feel a little overdressed.