3rd International Workshop on Software Patterns and Quality (SPAQu'09)
October 25, 2009, Orlando, Florida, USA,
Co-located with 24th ACM Conference on Object-Oriented Programming Systems and Applications (OOPSLA 2009)

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Workshop Result in 2009

SPAQu'09 was successfully over! Thank you for your cooperation. We summarize the workshop result below.

Workshop Program

We have 5 full paper presentations and 6 position presentations. We assign 30 minutes for each full presentation and 15 minutes for each position including Q&A time. After all presentations, we will discuss several topics independently in small groups.

Online-proceedings is now available to potential workshop participants. If you are not author of any paper but interested in participation to the workshop, please contact to organizers at spaqu-organizers [at] sse-project.org .

The workshop will be held at Fantasia Ballroom F, Convention at Disney's Contemporary Resort in Central Florida.

Introduction to Software Patterns and Quality (TBD)
Hironori Washizaki
8:45-10:00New Patterns and Quality of Patterns
Defining a Catalog of Programming Anti-Patterns for Concurrent Java
Jeremy S. Bradbury, Kevin Jalbert
Abstract Testability Patterns [position]
Wanderlei Souza, Reginaldo Arakaki
Towards an Assessment of the Quality of Refactoring Patterns [position]
Norihiro Yoshida, Masatomo Yoshida, Katsuro Inoue
On the Symbiosis between Quality and Patterns [position]
Pankaj Kamthan
10:30-11:45Pattern-based Design
Generic Patterns: Bridging the Contextual Divide
Marc Boyer, Vojislav B. Misic
Reporting the Implementation of a Framework for Measuring Test Coverage based on Design Patterns
Kazunori Sakamoto, Hironori Washizaki, Yoshiaki Fukazawa
Architectural and Design Patterns in Multimedia Streaming Software [position]
Yanja Dajsuren, Mark van den Brand
13:15-14:45Security Patterns
Building a Concept Grid to Classify Security Patterns
Michael VanHilst, Eduardo B. Fernandez, Fabrcio Braz
Validating and Impelementing Security Patterns for Database Applications
Arnon Sturm, Jenny Abramov, Peretz Shoavl
Security patterns and quality [position]
Eduardo B. Fernandez, Nobukazu Yoshioka, Hironori Washizaki
Extending a secure software methodology with usability aspects [position]
Eduardo B. Fernandez, Jaime Munoz-Arteaga
15:00-16:45Group Discussions
16:45-17:00Summary and Closing