3rd International Workshop on Software Patterns and Quality (SPAQu'09)
October 25, 2009, Orlando, Florida, USA,
Co-located with 24th ACM Conference on Object-Oriented Programming Systems and Applications (OOPSLA 2009)

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What's New

  • (Nov 6) SPAQu'09 was successfully over! Here is the summary of the result.
  • (Oct 15) Program is now available.
  • (Oct 6) The list of accepted papers is now available.
  • (Sep 28) The URL of the paper format for camera-ready has been corrected on the submission page.
  • (Aug 24) Due to numerous requests, the submission deadline is extended to August 31.
  • (Jul 10) SPAQu'09 website has been opened.


A software pattern is an abstracted repeatable solution to a commonly occurring problem under a certain context with the forces that affect the solution, which can be used for improved software development. Patterns help people involved in software to share experience-based proven solutions and develop products, manage processes, projects and organizations, and communicate each other more efficiently and effectively.

As requirements for software products and processes have become more complex, larger scale and have begun to require higher reliability and security, demand is increasing for a system of technologies to capture, share, enhance, apply and evaluate software patterns. Especially, although several pattern catalogues have been published, little is known about how to specify, measure and evaluate those patterns themselves and/or the results of their application from the viewpoint of quality. Such conditions make it difficult to see the nature of software patterns and pattern-oriented development ways.

To overcome such conditions, first workshop (SPAQu'07) of this series was held on December 2007 collocated with Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC), and it attracted more than 30 people. Second one (SPAQu'08) was held on October 2008 collocated with Pattern Languages of Programs Conference (PLoP), and it attracted around 10 people. These previous workshops were successful to discuss the theoretical, social, technological and practical issues related to quality aspects of patterns including security and safety aspects. However we believe there is still room to gain an improved understanding and we need further research and development on these topics, and thus continuous efforts for holding the workshop are necessary. This workshop will provide the opportunity for bringing together researchers and practitioners, and for discussing the future prospects of this area.

The workshop invites the submission of both full papers and position papers. Details can be found in Topics and Submissions. You can download the CFP in TEXT format.

Sponsors and Contact Us

The workshop will be co-sponsored by the IPSJ/SIGSE Patterns Working Group and the GRACE Center of the National Institute of Informatics of Japan.

Please contact us at: spaqu-organizers [at] sse-project.org .